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Work out your waist with a waist trainer!

If you want to look wonderful in your new corset, then how about prepping your waist in advance with a faja?

No idea what a faja is? Then prepare to be enlightened! Faja is actually Spanish for ‘wrap’ and in the past, it is a garment that has been used by cosmetic surgery patients to reduce swelling after surgery and to ensure a nice neat waist. However, you don’t need to go down the surgical re-construction route as faja’s are now used by women worldwide to help them obtain a wonderfully curvy body with a clinched waist.

Wear your faja

So how does the modern day miss use a faja? The great news is that they are now produced under the guise of a ‘waist trainer’ or a gym/sports oriented waist clincher. Made famous by many celebrities, they can help reduce your weight and re-train your waist to look good. Remember the old fashioned corsets that your mums and grandmothers wore? Well they knew a thing or too as wearing this type of garment day after day really does change your shape.

Kim Kardashian Waist TRainer

You can wear your waist trainer anywhere; choosing to show it off or cover it up. The more active you are whilst wearing it, the more of a difference it will make.

So how does it work?

Like an old-fashioned binder, once it is fitted around your waist, an immediate compressed effect is felt. You may feel hot and sticky for a while until you get used to it, but just remind yourself that it is working on your fat cells and coaxing toxins and impurities to sweat it out as you perspire.

Waist Trainer & Jeans

To give maximum impact, most waist trainers are made from natural latex rubber overlaid with cotton to give a nice look. There is also cotton lining which helps keep you comfy as it prevents the latex sticking to your skin. Fully boned and flexible, you fasten it with hooks and an eye, gradually moving inwards to the smaller size as your waist begins to take shape.

Flaunt your faja!

Fuscia Waist Trainer

Waist trainers come in all shapes and sizes and you can choose from something very plain to wear at the gym or something with a more detailed design if you want to flaunt your faja.

As always, use your waist trainer carefully and sensibly. It may feel uncomfortable to begin, but don’t rush the process. Get used to the feel of it before you start the tightening process. Slow is good. You may even find that because your tummy area is restricted, you cut down on how much you eat. The other thing about wearing a faja is that you will immediately feel and look very feminine and sexy. Obtaining a great shaped waist has never looked so good or been so much fun!

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