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"Why Should I Season My Corset?"

Because it can be so tempting to see how tightly you can lace your corset as soon as you receive it, we frequently get asked what the big deal is about seasoning, anyway? How important is it really?

To put it briefly: seasoning your corset is very important! It is imperative that you allow yourself 7-10 days to season your corset (i.e. wear it for no more than 2-4 hours per day and not tightened to it full capacity, gradually increasing the tightness and duration of wear each day).

Here are the top pros to seasoning and the cons that will occur if you do not:

Let's start with the cons:

1. You risk warping the busk

2. Not seasoning the corset can warp bones, or worse yet cause them to bend/break

3. It has the potential to compromise the fabric

All 3 of these cons are due to the fact that an unworn corset though flexible, still has an added degree of rigidity from never having before been on a human body.

The heat from your body plays a huge role in warming up the bones and busk and allowing them the time they need to not just form/mold to your curves but also to accentuate them to their full potential.

And now for the pros:

1. It will allow your corset to shape to your curves

2. It will prevent any otherwise avoidable damage to your corset

3. It will increase the lifespan of your corset

Most importantly, aside from avoiding any immediate damage to your corset or possible injury to yourself, properly seasoning your corset will also increase its lifespan. And since a high quality steel boned corset or waist trainer should be an investment, who wouldn't want to take advantage of them for a long time to come?

And there you have: why it is indeed most important to properly season your corset!

Happy lacing!

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