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Why News Articles & Fitness Magazines Stigmatize Corsets

Let's face it: virtually any form of news (whether televised, printed or online) and fitness magazine don't have anything nice to say about corsets.

They're quick to point out the "dangers" or corseting and they guffaw at the idea that the corset diet has the ability to achieve any real or lasting results.

Hmm, I wonder why that would be..? Not!

Here's my take on why these two channels of "information" are quick to stigmatize the corset:


When is the last time you flipped your TV to a news channel and they were talking about something positive? I'm going to venture to guess, not very often, correct?

That's because fear or judgement based "news" is far more gripping than a report about the neighborhood dog having just had a cute litter of puppies. Instead, they talk about war, disease, economic decline and political controversy.

So if by chance they want to talk about something more light spirited, it will still have a twist to it like "what was so and so thinking when she chose that dress for the red carpet?!" or :"With corsets gaining popularity, here's what you should know about how they can actually cause you harm".

So its expected that they will jump on the "corsets are bad for you" band wagon, because its an angle that will generate more interest.

Simple as that.

Fitness magazines:

Fitness magazines have their own wealth of products and regimens that they want to sell to you. So it makes sense that they would belittle the effects of waist training or the corset diet because frankly, if I had the choice between eating the foods I love but minding my portions with the aid of my corset or following one of their super bland diets, well I think you could guess what my answer would be!

So in both cases, these "sources" of information are generally more concerned with selling their own products, services and/or trends.

And think about it: the female news anchors reporting about how corsets can hurt your body are usually propped up in high heels with shiny foreheads paralyzed from the botulism they inject every 6 or so months. And the same fitness experts pushing their HIIT workouts at you don't usually bring up the dangers that can come from over exerting your body (kidney failure, anyone?).

Therefore if you are sure to purchase a well made, well fitting corset, listen to your body as you begin your waist training and are in overall good health, then rest assured a corset will not cause you harm.

Happy lacing!

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