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"Which Way is Up?"

A very common question I receive is "how can I be sure which side of my corset is the top and which side is the bottom?". This is actually a really good question and here are a few simple tips to help you figure it out:

1. Reference the buttons on your favorite shirt

Though corsets are unisex in design, they are made to fasten up the same way buttons fasten on a woman's shirt. So for example, when you put your shirt on and you look down at the two panels, the buttons will be on the left and the button holes will be on the right. Same thing with a corset: the metal "buttons", we can call them, will be lined up down the left front side and the metal hooks will be lined up down the right front side of the corset.

2. The label will be at the top of the corset

Now this may sound like a no brainer, but it really isn't. Sometimes its the simplest of things that can be overlooked, especially when you are new to something like corsets, which lots of people can find a bit intimidating if they've never worn one before. So when you unhook the front of your corset and lay it down, the tag will be at the top and legible (i.e. if you happened to have the corset upside down, then the tag would be illegible because it would be upside down).


3. The suspender loops should be at the bottom of the corset

Let's say your corset does not have a tag - maybe you decided to cut it off for whatever reason - then you will still have the suspender loops to guide you. Those should be at the bottom end of your corset. If they are not at the bottom of the corset, then you're trying to put it on upside down.


And there you have it: 3 very simple tips to make sure you've got your corset on right side up.

Happy lacing!

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