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Which Fabric Is Best For Waist Training?

When selecting a corset for waist training, one has to wonder: does fabric choice matter?

Aside from the obvious things one might want to avoid, such as trim or swing closures, so that the corset can be kept discreet when worn beneath one's clothes, can you select, say a brocade? How about mesh?

Now, some people will tell you that fabric is not an important factor. That the main thing you should consider is that the corset be lined, steel boned and have strong cord for lacing, but I disagree and here's why:

Mesh Corsets & Leather Corsets Are Not Lined:

Because a mesh and/or leather corset is unlined, it does not have the same strength as a double steel boned waist trainer with a cotton twill lining, which is fused for additional strength. So naturally, the mesh and/or leather corset will stretch with wear, more so than other steel boned corsets will.

Brocades and Jacquards Are More Delicate Than Satin or Taffeta:

Brocades and jacquards are decorative fabrics. They are not engineered for strength, but rather for aesthetics. Now, that's not to say that they are a weak fabric, but overall they are not a fabric designed to be worn for extended periods of time. With a full day's worth of wear every single day of the week, a brocade or jacquard fabric will risk fraying.

My favorite suggestion for waist training is to select a simple design in a sturdy tafetta or satin. These choices will have the longest life and make for the best investment in a waist trainer.

Happy lacing!

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