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"When Can I Size Down?"

Many of us who waist train do it with the goal in mind to size our waists down from their current size to something a tad bit more narrow. As such, it is perfectly understandable to view it as a milestone when the time comes to go down a size. But how exactly can we be certain when the right time is to go down a size?

Here are 3 of my favorite tips on when you can be sure it is time for a smaller sized corset:

You can tighten the corset completely, with no gap between the 2 back panels:

Now, in some cases we can tighten our corsets to this point, but it still doesn't mean that its time to go down a size. If, for example, you can tighten it to this degree but don't feel quite comfortable, notice that there's too much cinch going on when you do this, then you're not quite there yet and would be best to still leave a 1" to 2" gap between the back panels.

If you can tighten your corset completely and notice that even at this degree of lacing, it no longer offers the same cinch, then it may very well be time for a smaller size.

When your corset closes completely at the back & you can fit one hand comfortably down the front:

If you've laced your corset completely closed and you try to fit your hand down the front of it with no difficulty or even a good bit of room for your hand to fit, then you can be certain it is indeed time for a smaller size.

With your back panels are touching, you can rotate the corset around your torso:

If you can not only lace your corset completely closed but also once closed, shift the corset around your midsection with little to no friction, you can again be certain that you are indeed ready for a smaller size.

It is important to keep in mind that if you haven't quite met any of these 3 stages in waist training with your current corset, but you think that you feel ready for a smaller size nonetheless, it may not be the best idea. A corset's pattern is not only drafted to fit one's waist, but also the hips, underbust and bust and as such, even if you think you can comfortably cinch your waist in to a greater degree, you do risk discomfort around your hip and bust area.

And there you have it: 3 tips to help you determine if you are ready for a smaller sized corset.

Happy lacing!

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