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What To Do When Your Underbust Measures Less Than Your Waist


The standard measuring guide when it comes to steel boned corset is to subtract 4" to 5" from the measure of your waist, and for waist trainers subtract 6" to 7" from the measure of your waist.

But what to do for those of us whose underbust, ribcage, right where  our bra band sits, measures less than our waist? Won't the corset gap at the top if we measure only what our waist should fit?

In this situation, yes indeed if you measure  the corset to your waist you will most likely experience a gap at the top. So how to measure?

Well, here's a little secret that will help you avoid the gap and get a good fit throughout:

The top and bottom of a closed steel boned corset will measure approximately 4" to 5" more than the corset size.

For example, a size 24" steel boned corset will measure approximately 28-29" around the top and bottom edges when closed.


Same for a waist trainer: it will measure roughly 6" to 7" more around its top and bottom edges than its actual size. So again using the example of a size 24", the waist trainer when completely closed will measure roughly 30" to 31" around the top and bottom.


In general, when using this method because our underbust measures less than our waist, the corset size we will need to select will be smaller than the size chart recommends: this is okay because in most cases if we are larger around the waist than we are around where our bra band sits, then we tend to have a softer tummy with a bit of "fluff" or "squish" and when that's the case, the corset can more easily cinch our middle, even if technically according to the chart, it is smaller than the suggested size.

So, if you've got your underbust measure at 30" and your waist measures 34", then don't size yourself based on your waist. With a 30" underbust measure, you would want to go with a steel boned underbust in a size 26" or a waist trainer in a size 24".

And of course, if ever you have any further questions about sizing, then you can always feel free to contact us  - we live for this stuff!

Happy 4th of July!

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