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Welcome my waist training diary.


Hello fellow corset lovers!

My name is Stephanie and I've been a corset fanatic for years.

Waist training is the wearing of a corset with the intention of slimming and reducing the waist circumference. Regular wear of a steel boned corset can reshape the lower ribs and abdomen, in turn gradually decreasing the waist line. For more information on waist training and instructions please visit,

My goal is to shrink my waistline and gradually move down sizes in corsets.

I hope everyone enjoys my diary and I'll be updating it regularly with pictures and tips throughout my journey.

I encourage all those who would like to share their waist training experiences, progress, and tips, to feel free to comment. If you'd just like to show off your new corset, from True Corset, I'd be more than happy with that too.

Stephanie B.

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