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Weight Loss & Corset Size

Whether you are looking to purchase a corset to help you with your weight loss, or if you are looking to purchase it as a treat for yourself to celebrate having reached your weight loss goal, the one important rule of thumb is to always buy a corset to suit your current size.

Let me give you an example for each of the above situations:

1. Purchasing a corset to help you reach your weight loss goal

When we set a weight loss goal in mind, we can't help but envision what we're going to look like once our goal is reached. And sometimes, we begin to shop a little prematurely for things that perhaps don't yet fit. Even more so, we may be tempted to go down a few sizes with our corsets because we hope that this will help us shed weight all the quicker.

This is not the case! You need to consider a few things here: first, a corset is sized to not only fit one's waist but also one's hips and rib cage in proportion to one's waist. Therefore, if the corset is too snug around your waist, it will also be too snug around your hips and ribs or chest and this will undoubtedly not be comfortable for you.

Secondly, a corset cannot provide a greater waist reduction than it promises. Therefore a steel boned corset cannot bear more tension than the 4" to 5" it promises, nor can a waist trainer go beyond the 6" to 7" it promises to nip from your waist. So let's say your waist measures 30" and you decide to purchase a size 22" corset: hoping to have the corset reduce your waist by 8" will cause stress and even damage to the corset and its boning and in the worst case scenario, injury to the wearer from a bent, warped or broken bone.

2. Purchasing a corset based on the size you hope to be in the near future

I honestly do understand and appreciate the psychology behind purchasing something that will fit you at the end of a diet or exercise regimen or once your goal is reached. Some people find hanging up a smaller sized pair of jeans or a swimsuit in plain sight can be very motivational to stay on course, and I get it.

The only problem I have with this is there is no guarantee how you will lose the weight (because not all of us are lucky enough to shed it from our waist), you don't yet know how toned/muscular your midsection will be once you've met your goal, or if you are even able meet your original goal (sometimes we can set our sights a little too high).

All of these factors will influence whether or not the corset you purchased months ago in anticipation of reaching your goal, will fit you properly.

This is why, at the end of the day we cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing a corset that either fits you at this moment, or holding off on your purchase until you've reached your weight loss/fitness goals.

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Happy lacing!

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