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Waist Training: Tips & Guidelines

Waist training is quickly catching on in popularity and as a result, there is a lot of information out there about set regimens that people believe they must follow, but what is most important for you to consider is that you needn’t follow a rigid guideline. I always try and underscore the importance of listening to your body as you get into the swing of waist-training.

That said, here are a few basic tips:

-Try getting through the day without taking your corset off. If you notice that you are experiencing any sort of discomfort during the day (whether from a little bit of bloating after a meal, or from growing accustomed to being sat while in your corset), rather than taking it off, simply unlace your corset to the point where you are no longer uncomfortable. You will still feel the support that the corset offers, but you won’t feel as restricted.


-As I am sure you have heard, many people claim that when they are wearing their corset, they cannot eat as much as they would when not wearing their corset. Due to the tension placed around your midsection from the corset, there is some truth to this and as such, it is highly important that you make sure to eat a sufficient amount (you can try eating 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3 larger meals) and also to make sure that you are getting enough nutrients (a proper balance of proteins, healthy fats and unrefined carbohydrates). It also isn’t a bad idea to consider taking a vitamin supplement while you waist train.

-Water is very important! Keep a bottle of water within your reach throughout the day. Hunger and thirst can frequently be confused and as a corset can lead you to feel less hungry you don’t want to risk neglecting your hydration. Sip throughout the day.

-You can sleep in your corset if you like. Again, there is plenty of information available about the lifestyles of some of the most disciplined waist trainers and most of them will tell you that they wear their corsets for 23 hrs per day and only remove it to shower. If you do want to give it a go and try sleeping in your corset, do loosen the laces before bed and try sleeping on your side (this will most likely be the most comfortable position while wearing your corset).

-If you do choose to follow a waist training regimen, you will also want to consider alternating between at least 2 different corsets. This will allow your corsets a bit of a break as you alternate between them and prevent excessive wear to your corsets. It is also a good idea to select 2 different styles, which will give your body a chance to adjust comfortably. Below is one of my personal favorites, or you can view all of our steel boned corsets here.


-Some people will tell you that it is fine to exercise in your corset. This is an area where I highly recommend speaking with a licensed trainer. They will be better informed on this topic than I and can give you the best advice. In terms of personal experience, I can tell you that a brisk walk while wearing your corset should be fine but for anything more physically demanding, please do seek out the advice of a licensed professional trainer.

So remember: loosen your laces if needs be, take a day off if you like and be sure to eat well and stay hydrated! Follow these simple steps and you will no doubt enjoy a very happy and fruitful waist training journey!

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