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Waist Training Diary – Month 3

Hello fellow corset lover's!

So I'm happy to report I've completed three months of corset training! I feel like it's been a big accomplishment. It's very rewarding to look in the mirror and noticing how small your waist has become. It hasn't been easy. There were days that I wanted to use any and every excuse to not put on that corset.

At the three month mark, and again it's amazing to see the progress I've made. The first couple of months I had questioned myself, asking what anyone would have. Is this really going to work? Will I see progress? Will my hard work pay off? And I can say without a doubt, yes! It did.

I started out my training at a size 30 corset. And after only three months, I'm ready to move down a size. I've lost almost two inches in my waist. I couldn't happier

So, what's the next step? That would be taking the next size down in corset. Increasing the time worn and continue to shrink my waist.


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