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Waist Training Diary - Month 1


It has been a month since I started waist training so I thought I'd update you all on how it is going. It's has been a fun learning curve.

I've gradually noticed some physical changes from wearing my waist training corset and there are some adjustments I've had to get used to.

The noticeable changes are :
My rib cage has become more flexible, adapting to my corset and allowing me to pull in my waist tighter.
My natural figure is starting to contour to an hourglass silhouette even without my corset.
My tummy also seems to be a bit flatter.

The adjustments I have had to get used to are :
My body is getting used to my constant corset wear but I find I have in-prints on my skin from the boning of the corset. They go away fast, especially if you massage the area, so it is not a problem, but it is something I am getting used to. I'm hoping over time they will stop appearing.
When I am sitting for long periods of time, while wearing my corset, it's wonderful to have the extra back support. But it is not uncommon to have a bit of skin being pinched, below where my corset ends. When this becomes uncomfortable I've found it's better to loosen the bottom half of the laces, instead of taking it off all together.

I'm pleased with my progress having increased my daily wear to about 6 hours a day. I've even been taking some short naps, with my corset on.

Happy lacing,

2 thoughts on “Waist Training Diary - Month 1”

  • Haley

    Wow. I've been eyeing that corset for a while now.
    It's great to see it on someone, and have it be photo shopped.
    Is this a good corset to start waist training in? Or do you prefer the Faja corsets you can workout in?

    • admin


      I agree, the cherry blossom underbust corset is beautiful. If your looking for a corset to train in, the cherry blossom is great, but keep in mind you'll be wearing it almost daily. I would also recommend a nice black underbust. If you don't want to wear it under a shirt every other day. As females we all know, "Black goes with everything!" But the cherry blossom is beautiful I don't mind wearing it all the time.

      The faja is possibly next on my list to try waist training in. It depends what your goal is. The cherry blossom like most of corsets on have a steel boning, that will couture your waist through the length of your training.

      The faja corsets, has more of flexible boning. Let's you be able to exercise with it on, will help you lose weight and contoured your shape.
      For more info, there is a blog dedicated to the, "faja" style waist trainers. Here's the link:

      Thanks for stopping by!


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