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Top tips for rocking the white shirt corset look

White shirts are a key look for spring/summer 2016. However, if you want to add a touch of sensuality and glamour to this classic look then combining it with an underbust corset is the sure fire way to look sexy while bang on trend. Here are our tips for how to pull off the perfect fashion combo:


  • Keep the shirt fitted and streamlined

(Extra fabric will be difficult to conceal and may ruin the line of your corset, keep things tailored and trim to create the perfect silhouette).

  • Ensure the hemline isn't too short

(If there is enough length in the shirt you can loosely layer the corset over the shirt, tug down on the shirt's hemline and once everything is smooth, you can tighten up the corset).

white shirt-corset

  • Leave the fastenings that are on show open

(This look works best if your shirt is left unbuttoned to the corset, however you may like to fasten the hidden buttons to ensure that the shirt stays together).

  • Make sure your shirt is brilliant white

(The key feature of this look is in the striking whiteness of the shirt. Keep it immaculate and take a bit of care when washing it to ensure that it remains pearly white).


  • Team it with streamlined jeans or trousers

(This look is all about creating a beautiful silhouette so you need to be sure that your whole outfit fits to perfection. To gain more fashion points opt for blue jeans or black trousers, just make sure that they are tapered and fit well on the bum to give enviable curves).

fitted jeans

  • Add a splash of colour

(A great way to tie the whole look together is to mirror a colour from the corset in your shoes, and perhaps even your hair. A great example of this is in our Long Skulls & Roses Steel Boned Corset Cincher. The scarlet tones of the roses in the corset are echoed by the killer heels, red lipstick and floral hair decoration that our model is wearing).

  • Experiment with monochrome

(Black is the perfect contrast to a pristine white shirt so think about trying this look with a black corset or one in a monochrome print. Our Long Black and White Corset Cincher is perfect for this. Wear with slim black trousers and monochrome heels for a striking look).

  • Consider every layer

(This look works well with a tailored jacket in tweed, wool or leather. It also looks good with a sweeping fitted trench coat for added drama. Don't just think about outerwear though. Make sure that your brief or thong matches the corset so that you have the perfect underwear too).

  • Accessorise

(Matching shoes are one thing but to really make an impact you could push the boat out on the accessories. Why not try a corset belt such as our Black Taffeta Corset Belt with Pockets. You could also wear a jaunty pillar box hat, fascinator or mini top hat for extra style points. This look needs to be worn with heels, so be sure to pick something that fits in with the sexy vibe of this look and not just the colour scheme. Finish the look off with a handbag that mirrors the colour palette of the outfit).

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