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Top 5 Ways To Create a Romantic Evening


We are all looking for ways to add a little romance into our lives, whether we are trying to add a little extra spice into a long-term relationship, or kick start a new one. With this in mind, take a look at these top 5 ways to help you create a romantic evening for the books.

1. Set the Mood

Nothing says romantic like an intimate evening in, but if you plan on spending the time at home it is important to make sure you add romantic touches to make it extra special. Soft lighting, flickering candles, fragrant flowers and music for dancing are all great touches to take your everyday environment and transform it into a romantic oasis. Go the extra mile, and use candles enhanced with pheromones, to really get the feeling of romance in the air.


2. Dress to Kill

If you are looking for romance make sure you've prepared yourself accordingly. Get all dolled up for the occasion and look your best, making sure you hair and make up is done and if you are going out for a special evening be sure to dress in clothes that are flattering and alluring, possibly even breaking out some sexy stilettos. If you are planning on staying in and really focussing on the romance then those stilettos might still come in handy, and consider really turning the heat up by wearing some sultry hosiery or an incredible corset that is flattering to any shape.

3. Dinner for Two

An incredible meal for two, obviously by candlelight is great fuel for a wonderful romantic evening, and you can make it extra special by preparing some gourmet delicacies in the wonderful, romantic atmosphere you have already carefully prepared. There are many foods that are said to encourage romantic behaviours, such as dark chocolate, oysters, avocados and chilli peppers to name a few, so consider incorporating some of these foods into the menu.

4. Draw a Bath

The tub is a divine place for two people to spend an evening, and can be incredibly romantic when prepared properly. Spread those candles throughout the room, dim the lights and top it off with some of your favourite foam bath to create an environment any couple will be pleased to spend some time in. There is no harm in adding a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries to the mix as well.


5. Plan Some Special Activities

Have some wonderful activities planned to share with your partner that are out of the ordinary from your usual activities. Consider things like a couples massage, wine tasting, or a romantic moonlit stroll through a charming park or on the waterfront to help you connect as a couple, on a more intimate level.

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship means putting a little time and effort in, and if you take the advice above, you’re sure to please your partner and create a great romantic evening – just make sure they return the favour!

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