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Tightening Your Corset: The Door Handle Technique

Though I promise it isn't as hard as it may seem to lace, tighten and tie your corset with zero assistance, it can be quite tiring on the arms.

We've all been there: you've tightened all your x's from top to centre and then from bottom to center and just before you tie your laces into a bow, you relax your grip on the loops, just for a moment, to give your arms a rest and...the corset's laces slip loose and you're virtually back at square one. Not fun.

When this happens, for some of us our first reaction is to find a friend, family member or partner to assist. But what if no one's around? That's when you should give the door handle technique a try.

3 easy steps, no assistance required. Here's how:

Step 1: Hook your loops over a door handle

Find a sturdy door, open it and then hook one loop over the handle facing inside the room and hook the other loop on the handle facing outside the room. Make sure your laces are not crossed and your back is to the open door.

Step 2: Start walking away from the door

Slowly and gently begin walking away from the door until you feel you cannot walk any further. One you feel like you cannot walk any further away from the door, gently lean forward to tighten any remaining slack to your laces.

Step 3: Unhook & tie

Holding the loops (which at this point are still hooked over the door handles) firmly at the base, slowly walk back toward the door until there is enough slack to the loops where you can comfortably unhook them from the handles using your free hand (do not let go of your loops with your other hand, or your corset will loosen!). Once unhooked, tie your laces into a bow as per usual.

And there you have: 3 easy steps to tightening your corset using the door handle technique.

Happy lacing!

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