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The Long & Short of It

Let me start by saying (in case you haven't yet figured it out!) I absotively posolutely l-o-v-e corsets! They way they cinch in the waist, accentuate your feminine shape and even provide fantastic back support. They smooth away all of our troublesome areas and bring out our sexy curves.

But let's look a little more closely at one of the most common reasons we love our corsets: tummy control, am I right? So many of us just love the way a corset can smooth out our tummies. And because of this, so many people are immediately drawn to the idea of a 'long' corset. It sounds like it would make sense: the longer the corset is, the lower it will sit on the hip and therefore, the more tummy coverage it will provide, right? Well, yes: the corset will cover more of the core if it is a long style, but it is important to know that 'longs' aren't for every body/everybody.

In general, if we take a look at our size guide, a long corset is recommended for those of us who are 5'6" or taller, or have got a longer trunk (usually about 13" from the base of your sternum to lower waist). If these measures do not describe your proportions then you very likely will not enjoy how a long corset feels on your frame.



See where a regular length corset sits at her hips? Versus the long corset below?



2 of the most common things you will more than likely experience if you don't need a long corset are:

  1. If it is a long overbust corset, you may notice that it sits uncomfortably high under the arms.
  2. Whether it is a long overbust or underbust, you may notice that it digs into the hips when you are sat because of the extra length to the style.

My point in all this is to reconsider going with a long style corset if you are not taller than 5'6" or if your trunk does not measure more than 13". A regular length corset will provide plenty of tummy control but without the discomfort of a long.

Happy corset wearing!

...Got a question about size, fit,waist training or anything corset related that you would like answered? Email me at and your answer may be featured in one of our upcoming blog posts!

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