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The Inevitable Questions That Come With Waist Training

Whether you choose to wear your corset loud and proud and over your daily outfit, or if you prefer to keep things discreet and wear it beneath your clothes, there are a few questions that you will most likely encounter during your waist training regimen.

Here are a few of the most popular:

1. How do you get your waist so tiny?

This is entirely your choice on how to answer. Me personally, it depends entirely on my mood. Sometimes, I don't mind sharing my corset secret and other times, I don't go beyond "Oh, thank you". You should never feel obliged to start filling strangers in on what you've got on under your clothes. I mean honestly, what's next? "Wow, no panty lines, eh? So, g-string or do you prefer going commando?"

Oh, and do be prepared that if you do choose to let them know that you are indeed wearing a corset, the rest of these questions will most likely follow:

2. Can you breathe in that thing?

Last I checked this is 2014 and yet logic still seems to be this gift so few are privy to, no? Well duh, we can breathe in our corsets! How else would we be able to be out and about, going about our daily business if we couldn't breathe?

My cheeky reply tends to involve a bit of a pause, a deep breath in and on exhale, I 'breathily' inform them "why yes, I can breathe in my corset."

3. Why do you wear a corset? Is it a fetish thing?

There are loads of reasons why some of us choose to wear corsets. It feels good, it changes our silhouette to suit our own aesthetic preferences, it provides back support, etc etc etc. Yes, there are people who fetishize corsets or other fetishists who like to wear corsets when they indulge in their fetish of choice, but no: wearing a corset does not automatically make one a fetishist, thank you very much.

4. Don't you have to get ribs removed to waist train?

This question is as wackadoo to me as if I were to ask every slender person out there if they've had gastric bypass, or if I were to ask every woman I meet with a shoe size less than a US 6 if she's had her feet bound. Good. Grief!

If you're feeling informative, let them know that our "fake" or floating ribs do indeed have a degree of mobility to them and yes, a corset can compress these ribs to a degree, but no: corset wearer's do not get ribs removed.

There are sure to be other questions as well, but these have ranked highest in terms of frequency for me personally.

What questions have you been asked about waist training? I'd love to know!

Happy lacing!

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