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The Cinderella Corset Controversy

So with Cinderella only having been out in theaters for just over a week now, it has already made massive headlines. But not because of critics offering their 2 cents on the film itself, but rather the public, who for the most part, feel that Lily James' corset is broadcasting an unhealthy image to young viewers everywhere.

Though her waist is indeed slight when she's in full costume, here is where and why I have a problem with the above mentioned sentiment. Let's look at some facts, shall we?

Lily James measures approximately 5'7" and weighs in at around 132 lbs with a 26" waist.

Let's say we put her in a steel boned corset; that would take her waist down to 22"...tiny, yes?

Okay, now let's put her in a waist training corset which would bring her waist down to 20"...even tinier.

Now, let's consider the fact that the costume she is wearing in the film is custom designed for her, which also includes a custom corset. A custom corset can take the waist in by much more than 4" to 7", if that is the desired effect! It all depends on what the corset what designed to bring the wearer's waist in by, in the first place!

And there are plenty of renowned tight-lacers out there (Mr. Pearl comes to mind), who cinch themselves down to a mere 18".



If we compare the waist of Mr. Pearl to what Lily James' waist looks like in her costume, would we even guesstimate that her waist was brought down to 18" (which, is Mr. Pearl's measure when tightly laced)? Suddenly, her waist doesn't seem so incredibly small anymore, does it?

So with her custom corset, her already slight frame, and  the beyond voluminous ball gown to further exaggerate how small the rest of her is, would we really go so far as to call this an unhealthy image? I wouldn't.


All I ask is that before any of you decide to consider waist training that you seek the advice of a professional. Besides that, I say go forth and cinch!

Happy lacing!

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