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The Beauty of the Fashion Corset

Corsets are classic. Even after they were no longer part of one's daily wardrobe, there has always been a passionate a devoted group of us who just love them. But sometimes, even the most devoted corset wearer wants a break from being all trussed up...

Well, for those of you who would enjoy a bit of a break or fro those of you who love the look of a corset but not the feel of a steel boned corset, there are fashion corsets! Its like having the beauty of a corset but the comfort of your favorite sexy top.

The major difference between a steel boned corset and a fashion corset is the boning. Fashion corsets are made with acrylic boning, which offers the corset a degree of support and control but not the same sort of waist reduction of a steel boned corset, though they still do bring out your already lovely curves! Just look at how nicely this little number brings out her waist:


Fashion corsets are also made of lighter material and frequently a more decorative ribbon lacing up the back panels.


Overall, they are a fantastic choice for those interested in the look but not the 'rigidity' a steel boned corset or a wait training corset would offer.

Interested in adding a fashion corset to your wardrobe but aren't too sure where to start? No probs! Email me at and I will be more than happy to help you find the best style for your shape and your needs.




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