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Though the term "Steampunk" was coined in the 80s, its only as of late that this phenomenon has exploded across most every facet of pop culture and mainstream society.

Some enjoy Steampunk as a lifestyle, others greatly enjoy the theme in their movies, books and television shows, while others are obsessed with adding touches of the unique look to their personal style.

Steampunk encompasses a vast array of components from days gone by. Pieces of Edwardian and Victoriana, classic American Western as well as post-apocalyptic nuances all come together to create this very edgy look.


Though it does borrow from various time periods, Steampunk is not exclusive to one set period alone. What does bind all its wonderful bits together is its theme of days when most machinery was strictly steam powered and purely mechanical. Think of steam powered trains and the gears that make an antique pocket watch tick.

In terms of fashion, features such as brass details, goggles, utility belts, bustles, petticoats and of course, corsets!


Give the look a go as a whole, or borrow a few pieces that can integrate into your favorite daily wardrobe staples. Which ever option you do choose, Steampunk is definitely here for the long haul!

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