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Seasoning Your New Corset

Perhaps one thing that most everybody who puts a corset on for the first time loves most about it is the way you quite literally achieve instant results. Your waist, in a matter of the time it takes to lace yourself in comfortably, goes from its original size right down by 4" to 5" with a steel boned corset or even down by 6" to 7" with a waist training corset. A virtually instant and impressive difference!

However, for those of us who wish to waist train or even just wear our corsets, if not all day long, then certainly on a regular basis, we must learn to practice a touch of patience so that we can properly season our corset.

To "season" your corset might sound like a fancy and exclusive term, but its really quite simple. It basically means to "break it in".

The very same way you wouldn't choose to wear your newest shoes out for a long walk, you also wouldn't want to take your corset straight out of its package, tighten it to its fullest capacity and not take it off again for 6-10 hours.

If you were to do this (put it on and lace it to its fullest capacity straight out of the package), then you risk damaging the corset and causing yourself significant discomfort.

So, how does one season their corset? Simple! Just follow these basic steps and your corset will be fully molded and shaped to your unique curves in roughly 7-10 days:


  • Before trying to fasten your corset, make sure that you have fully loosened the back laces. This will insure that you do not warp the front busk by trying to hard to get it to fasten.



  • Once fastened, gently pull the laces in until the corset feels lightly snug. To a degree where if you wanted to, you could still tighten the corset further, but for the time being, stop there!



  • After wearing your corset like this for 45 minutes to an hour, feel free to take the laces in a touch more.



  • Continue to take the laces in a touch more after every 45 minute to 1 hour interval until the corset is fully tightened.



  • Do not wear your corset tightened to its full capacity for over 1-2 hours.


Continue these steps daily for 1 week to 10 days, and by the end of that period your corset will be well seasoned, the laces will slide smoothly between the grommets, the front busk closure will fasten up with nary any effort and you will be able to take your corset in to its fullest degree with no gaps or pulling, no warping or bending of the bones.

Happy lacing!

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