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Pasties: Why We Love Them!

I l-o-v-e pasties! How can you not? For all you lovers of burlesque out there, just the history behind them makes me smile a mischievous smile.

Once upon a time, it was decided that it was no longer permitted for ladies of the stage to expose what I like to call their “pink bits” anymore. By law everything else was acceptable, so in a clever effort to stick it to those who had a problem with it, burlesque artists mockingly decorated their nipples with sequins and satin and tassels and more. So they were now technically concealed, all the while drawing even greater attention to what they’d been asked to cover up! How can’t you love that?!


And more exciting than that, an accessory once worn only by those shimmying and shaking and peeling on stage, the pastie is now a very accessible accessory that can be cheekily incorporated in to virtually anybody’s arsenal.


Some people may only want to reserve them to the bed room; others will dare to show off a sexy little pair under a semi-shear blouse.  And still others wear them under their bra or outfit because let’s face it, when out on the town and an inevitable ‘slip’ may occur, most of us would perhaps prefer a flash of sparkly prettiness rather than a flash of fleshy um, privaten


So, hat’s off to you, pasties! Or, um, perhaps hat’s on..? x



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