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When shopping for a corset, most anyone who has ever sought advice on sizing has been advised that there should be a 2" gap between the back panels...but why?

Lots of corset wearer's enjoy getting the greatest cinch and waist reduction their corset can provide (not everyone, but many), and so wouldn't you think that in order to achieve that you would want to close the gap at the back, providing an additional 2" cinch to the waist? Well no, not as such and here's why:

The gap at the back panels will allow you a degree of freedom in either tightening the corset or loosening it based on how your body feels any given day. One day, you may feel a little bloated, or perhaps you've been trying to lose weight and the pounds are slowly coming off, etc.

Without the gap, one would need to feel and weigh exactly the same each day every day and that's just not realistic. The 2" will allow you to play around with the lacing, the overall tension and cinch to the waist and all without having to worry that your back is not covered by the modesty panel.

Voila! That's why we love the 2" gap.

Happy lacing!

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