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Megan Fox - That's how the waist was won!

Since the first photographs of Megan Fox in this corset were taken the press has gone wild.

'That's how the waist was won!'
The Daily Star

'Waisting away in the wild west: Megan Fox's corset whittles her waist to just SIX inches wide' The Daily Mail

One paper claimed the following :

'The 22-year-old, who is set to star in the wild west-themed comic book adaptation, wore a waist-cinching corset that saw her midriff whittled down to a miniscule six inches wide at its narrowest point.

The actress's usually 22-inch waist was laced into a corset that reduced its diameter to a miniscule 18 inches.'

We have recreated this much sought after corset and it is available to buy online . This corset is exclusive to us and has been made using plenty of steel bones to give you that much desired Megan Fox look.

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