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Madonna: The Style Icon's Influence for S/S 2015

Now that Madonna's unfortunate little "mishap" at the Brit Awards has blown over, can we please get back to what's important? Mainly, her glorious costume and what it suggests for S/S 2015!

Spanish influence is where it's at and how better to achieve that than with red and black!

Here are 3 easy ways to achieve the look for yourself:

1. Add some lace

I'm not sure how to add more Spanish style influence to your look than with a touch of black lace


2. Add a bolero

An excellent choice for Spring or cool Summer nights when it isn't quite warm enough for bare shoulders


3. Don't like red? Stick to black

If you're not a fan of wearing too much color, you can still achieve the look with an all black corset dress and add a touch of red in the details: shoes, lipstick, nails, or with a pretty red flower in your hair.


Happy lacing, my sexy mamacitas!

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