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Kim Kardashian & The Corset Diet

Poor Kim Kardashian! In a recent article in the Mirror, her recent efforts to get her body into its best shape for her upcoming wedding day through use of the corset diet were reported. The entire feel of the article was condescending, uninformed and just plain mean.

Now, we get it: cynicism and criticism sell tabloids. And it’s true: many of us are much quicker to fan straight through to view who got on the worst-dressed list more so than who was deemed best-dressed. But when it comes to a direct slam on a person’s efforts to better themselves, to feel good about themselves, especially when their motivation is their wedding day, it needs to be addressed.

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In earlier reports, Jessica Alba was quoted that she tried out the corset diet after recently giving birth and it worked! She gives the corset diet the bulk of credit for regaining her pre-baby body.

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And let’s be real: I’m talking about celebrities here. They are financially lucky enough to hire personal chefs, personal trainers, they can even afford to hire people just to motivate them and encourage them along! Yet some of them still turn to the corset to help them along. And do you know why? Because it is a perfectly safe and effective way to see results!

Wearing your corset throughout the day helps you feel more conscious of your body. You are more aware of your posture (good posture alone increases your metabolism by 10%) and it makes you more mindful about your food portions. Because of the tension the corset adds to the core, you won’t be as likely to eat until you feel like you can’t possibly have another bite: rather, it helps you feel full once you have actually had enough. It is a very convenient way to help avoid over-indulging.

So, besides the fact that there is no harm in wearing your corset, there also shouldn’t be this immediate negative judgment on those of us for whom it works. For those of us for whom it helps deliver the results that no other regimen has been able to help us achieve.

A woman’s efforts to feel better about herself, her efforts to feel comfortable in her own skin, those efforts deserve to be applauded not scrutinized and criticized. And when it comes to your “big day”? How about we cheer each other on for a change? How about we support each other for once? Your wedding day should be about nothing but the overwhelming feeling of happiness knowing that you have found someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. It shouldn’t be an opportunity to point and snicker at the poor girl’s attempts to look like her best self for the day that will change her life for the rest of her life.

What do you think about the article about Kim’s efforts with the corset diet?

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