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Keeping Things Discreet

Corsets can offer endless possibilities when paired with your outfit. They can add just the right amount of sexy, a dash of retro or Victorian flare and are definitely a smart choice for those looking to complete their steampunk look.

But then there are those of us who would rather keep things discreet and wear our corsets underneath our clothes. Whether this is because a corset doesn’t tie in with your office attire or because less than the look it offers, you are interested in the support it offers your back or the enviable hourglass shape it delivers.

Here are a few tips on how to keep things “under wraps”:

Try to avoid:

Fitted knits

Fitted knits will not do the greatest job in keeping your corset discreet. Knits tend to be clingy and as a result, the front busk closure, back grommets, cording and any trim will definitely be apparent under your favourite fitted knit

Anything sheer

This one should go without saying, but yes: anything that is even slightly sheer will leave your corset visible. Whether it is a fitted sheer or a flowy sheer, your corset will definitely make an appearance.

Tying your cord into a thicker knot that necessary

When it comes to fashioning the bunny ears at the back of the corset into a bow, some people tend to either double knot it to keep it secure, or they pull the bunny ears down to the same length as the ends of the cording. All of these situations create a larger mass of cord right above the small of the back, which then leads to a bit of a lump that shows once you layer your top or dress over your corset.

A solution is to not double tie your bow. I promise that creating an everyday bow (think of it as tying your shoe-laces) will be plenty secure!

Also, don’t worry too much about making the bow as short in length as possible. The longer you leave the cording, the less it bunches and the more easily you can then tuck the train of the cord into your skirt or pants.

Too much trim

Avoid too many details or trim. The best bet is to go with a simply underbust corset and if you want something a little flashier in the event you do choose to wear your corset over your outfit, I recommend selecting a print, rather than something with decorative ruffles, trims or bows.

A good choice, could be something like this model here:


Things to Embrace:

Woven clothes

Contrary to a knit, woven garments don’t have the same “cling” to them and thusly will not contour every last detail of your corset.

An Underbust Corset

Yes, absolutely you can wear an overbust beneath your clothes, however many women find that the shape a corset creates for the bust is more flattering when worn alone and less flattering when their clothes drape over the silhouette.

Give some of these tips a try and I am confident that you will be the only one who knows you’ve got a corset on under there!


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