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Though this Kardashian didn’t break the internet with her latest viral photo, Kourtney Kardashian sure has created quite the stir in her new “corset”.

The corset craze has been gaining momentum for a couple of years now (what with the revival of burlesque, pin-up and all things vintage), and things really kicked into high gear around January 30th, when Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing her “corset” at the gym in an effort to slim down her already enviable waist. Now, after baby number three, Kourtney Kardashian has vowed to follow suit and is determined to regain the waist she once had.

kim corset

But, can we please address the fact that these aren’t corsets? They are rubber girdles, or “fajas”, intended specifically for wear at the gym to help increase perspiration.

My issue isn’t at all with anyone, celebrity or otherwise, working on ways to better themselves, improve their lives or get healthy; not at all. My issue is that fact that with corsets becoming as popular as they have and continuing to grow in popularity, our knowledge of what exactly a corset is should grow as well.

Think about it: the article is talking about working out in said “corset”. For someone who doesn’t know the difference between a faja (what Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are wearing in their photos) and a waist trainer, they may go off and purchase a waist trainer and wear it to the gym without having consulted anyone about it: not their physician, not a trained/licensed physical trainer! This is a very scary idea as one could potentially cause injury to themselves if wearing a steel boned corset or waist trainer during strenuous exercise.

Also, these fajas not only have zero steel bones and zero lacing, they tend to be made of rubber or a highly elasticized textile, in an effort to make you sweat more and as a result possibly lose weight. A real waist trainer is not designed to make you sweat. A real corset is made with steel bones. Any steel boned corset should not be used while working out unless your doctor or trainer has told you differently!

And a benefit of the waist trainer vs. the faja? Waist trainers can be worn all day everyday whereas a faja is intended more so for wear at the gym and some of us haven’t got the time in our busy schedules to visit the gym 5 to 6 days per week. As I mentioned before, the revival of burlesque, pin-up and vintage culture have brought back to the forefront a garment so flattering, so versatile and so very sexy.

So yes: for some of us a steel boned corset or waist trainer may not be our preferred choice when it comes to whittling the waist. Some of us may very well indeed prefer a rubber or elasticized girdle, and that is perfectly fine. But please: let’s stop talking about the two things as if they were one and the same, shall we? Just like pantyhose are not stockings, girdles are not waist trainers.

Happy lacing!

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