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Is it time you bit the bullet? The sexiest bra shape for 2016



For as long as I can remember the fashion for bras has been focused around a full and rounded shape with plenty of uplift. Underwiring, padding and keeping your breasts hoisted high has been the order of the day since I got my first training bra. In the 1970s (and earlier) a pointier silhouette was favoured, rather than strapping their breasts up to their sternum women would favour a bra that placed them at the top of the ribcage. It's only us retro and vintage aficionados who have always known the appeal of a pointier cup, in our beloved bullet bras and vintage lingerie. However, things are set to change. A pointier breast is soon to become widely spread, and is already rather in vogue. In fact, anyone with any style know-how has already ditched the full padded rounded bras that we should have left in the 90s and is falling firmly in love with balconettes, bullet bras and bralettes. In fact, anything with minimal padding is the coveted look.

A touch of youth

It is argued that young women have long favoured a more rounded cup as it adds a touch of maturity, while older women feel they are losing a little uplift and fullness and so also tend to opt for something with padding and a bit of lift. However, when you think about it, younger breasts tend to be more conical. A well-padded rounded bosom can often look a little matronly! Opting for a more natural look or even enhancing the conical aspect, could give a much more youthful and beguiling effect.

A pointier breast shape looks more youthful A pointier breast shape looks more youthful

Enter the bullet bra

Women who love corsetry, burlesque and the seduction associated with lingerie are rarely drawn to overtly natural styles. However, the natural conical shape of the breast when exaggerated and enhanced with a little theatre is the concept behind the bullet bra. This 1950s style offers a great silhouette and is dripping in sex appeal, whether worn as bedroom apparel or underneath your clothes. To make the most of the slinky silhouette you might like to wear your bullet bra with a waist cincher to really emphasize your curves. For steamy nights in then a seductive matching garter belt is a hot choice.

The brand new True Corset Rosa garter belt in black from the Court Royal collection The brand new True Corset Rosa Garter Belt in black from the Court Royal collection

A more sensual shape

There is a softness to a rounded cup that is almost apologetic. The pointed shape has a haughty tilt to it, unapologetically feminine and with a coquettish focus on the nipple. With the whole 'free the nipple' movement and a strong message across the board that it is the female nipple that exudes sexuality rather than the breast itself, it makes sense to pull the attention down to the peak of the breast if you are looking to enhance your sensuality.

Audrey Tautou is the ultimate French beauty with an appealing and natural silhouette Audrey Tautou is the ultimate French beauty with an appealing and natural silhouette

Doing it French style

In France, women never lost sight of the appeal of a pointier breast and have long worn their bras with a more natural and conical shape. French women are vigilant about avoiding back fat, so keep their back straps loose and often opt for bras without padding. French bras will tend to have wider back straps to avoid the issue of potential back fat bulges, very much in the style of a bullet bra. Many French women will even omit a bra altogether.

The Marilyn Bullet Bra in black from True Corset

The appeal of a bullet bra

Vintage lovers will only need to catch a glimpse of a sexy satin bullet bra before they start thinking about the iconic curves of Marilyn Monroe. Her voluptuous curves were unforgettable, yet the shape of the breasts was certainly more conical than round. The bullet bra doesn't just create an enviable silhouette that whispers of vintage sophistication and a deep-rooted sensuality. The bullet bra is also immensely comfortable as it provides a great deal of support, it covers the whole breast which means there are no unsightly bulges creeping over the top of the cup, the wide back strap eliminates any hint of back fat and the meticulous design and structure means your posture is immediately improved, no-one can slouch in a bullet bra they are far too uplifting for that!

To really show off your new pointy breast shape then slip a clingy sweater over the top and make like Marilyn.

Marilyn is the perfect example of the appeal of a more conical bra shape Marilyn is the perfect example of the appeal of a more conical bra shape

As the trend for a more conical and natural breast shape grows, we want to lead the way with a far more dramatic, theatrical and show stopping interpretation. Vintage lovers don't follow fashion fads, we lead the way and when it comes to bullet bras it's the breasts that are at the front of the game.

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