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How to Properly Store Your Corset

Whether you've got many corsets, just the one that you use on a regular basis or a special occasion corset or two, we all need to store them at some point and time. But what's the best way to do so?

Here, 2 simple solutions on what we feel are the best ways to store your corset:

1.Fold Them Over, Lining Facing Up

For this you can again use a clothes hanger, the back of a chair or a drying rack (intended for wet laundry, but works great in this situation as well).

Take your corset and fold it over either one of the above mentioned options,  with the lining facing upwards.

This is probably one of my preferred methods, especially for those of us who wear our corsets on the regular. Folding your corset this way, either on a hanger, chair back or drying rack allows your corset the chance to air out and breathe.

2. Tuck and Roll

If we're talking about a special occasion corset that you don't wear regularly or a corset that you would like to take a break from, then this is the only time that I would suggest this method.

Lace the back up completely (just like it looked when you received it), fasten the front busk and gently fold the side toward the back laces.

Once done, place her in a soft cloth bag or pillow case and place her away in a drawer.

I personally like to add a dryer sheet in the bad along with my corset: it helps keep her smelling pretty and fresh and also helps to absorb and possible moisture which could otherwise harm the fabric and/or bones.

And there you have our 2 favorite ways to properly store your corset.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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