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How to Hide Your Corset Laces

For those of us who prefer to wear our corsets as an undergarment, this post is a quick how-to on concealing your laces so as to avoid that pesky "lump" they can sometimes cause at center back.

First let's start off with a couple of basic "Don'ts":

Don't TieĀ a Knot:

Though tempting, this is generally a bad idea. Yes, technically a knot would cause less of a lump at the back, but that doesn't outweigh the fact that it can prevent you from getting out of your corset easily and comfortably, even if you were to have someone assist you. Knots can be very difficult to undo.

Don't Wrap the Lacing Around Your Waist:

Though this does seem like the most logical idea when it comes to reducing the length of the laces and as a result, reducing the back bulk, what this will eventually do is cause wear to the fabric of the corset from the friction of the laces. Bad idea.

Even though we're talking about laces as an undergarment here, we still don't want to compromise the beauty of the corset, am I right?

And now for the "Do's"

Do Braid the Laces and Tuck

For this method, you will need to leave a gap of 2" at the back, to make it easier to pass the laces through the x's (don't worry! there are images below to give you a visual about what I'm going on about here!).

First, after tying up your corset laces as you normally would, take the excess lacing and braid:


Second, once the excess lacing has been braided, pass the braid beneath the x's either going upward to tuck in at the top, or downward to tuck in at the bottom of the modesty panel:

behind x

Re-Lace Your Corset So It Fastens At the Bottom:

To do this, undo the knot at the bottom of the corset and unlace it to just above the bunny ears.


Once you've done this, re-lace the corset forming x's down to the bottom:

x to bottom

This way, you will now have the corset tying up at the bottom and the excess can either be tucked in under the bottom hem of the corset, or easily hidden under a pretty A-line skirt.

laced at bottom

And there you have it: several tips on how to avoid the back bulge!

Happy lacing!

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