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Plus Size Corsets

"Help! My Corset Doesn't Fit My Bust!"

So many times I receive emails asking what to do in the event that you get your beautiful new corset, try it on and it fits perfectly! ...Except around the bust.

This is a tricky one. Whether it be too loose or to snug, there is definitely a solution to both problems.

Let's start with too loose:

This one is actually quite simple. First, have a look at the back of your corset once you're all trussed up. Is there an even 2" gap between both back panels, like so?


If not and it is less than 2", you need to go with a smaller size. Though your current size may fit you well in the waist, a smaller size will be able to fit you nice and comfortably around the bust and all you need to do for your waist to be comfortable is to leave a 2"-3" gap between both back panels. You will still achieve a significant waist reduction and it shouldn't interfere with your level of comfort, breathing or mobility.

If there is a 2" gap at the back, but it still doesn't fit your bust, then I recommend wearing a slightly padded, or push-up bra beneath it. If you want your corset to be worn alone, then opt for a strapless bra that doesn't interfere with the bust-line of the corset. Can't find one? Try it without a bra, but instead add "cookies" or "chicken cutlets" to help fill out the top.

If you are wearing the corset over an outfit, then any bra that doesn't interfere with your outfit and that offers a little bit of padding will do the trick.

If you're corset is too snug around the bust:

The biggest concern I hear from customers with this problem is that they don't want to go up a size because the corset currently fits them perfectly around the waist. Again, you need to have a good look at the back panels of the corset. What sort of gap is there between the back panels? Is there a gap of 2 or more inches? If so, going up a size will not compromise the waist reduction you have achieved with size you've currently got. Instead, you will still have the option of lacing a larger size a little bit tighter so that it can fit both your waist and your bust.

Another solution to this problem is that most people believe that the gap between both back panels of a corset must be an even 2" from top to bottom. Not true! The lacing offers loads of options and for a corset that is too snug in the bust, all you need to do is leave the lacing a little bit wider apart at the top to offer your bust a comfortable amount of room, just like so:

If neither of these solutions work:

If your measurements still give you problems with the fit of your corset around your bust, then there is always the option of an underbust corset. Absolutely gorgeous and extremely versatile, an underbust style won't interfere with your d├ęcolletage. Your only concern about achieving the right fit is to focus on your natural waist measurement and select a size 4" to 5" less your natural waist. And don't be fooled: an underbust will not only provide a pretty waist reduction but also provide a lovely lift at your bust-line.

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