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Same Day Shipping from New Jersey!

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Fanny Devine An Introduction

As this is our first official meeting, I feel it is only polite for me to introduce myself! My name is Fanny Divine, although this wasn't what I was christened (that would have given the vicar a slight shock!) I've studied both Philosophy and Law at University and have a penchant for corsets and unaffordable lingerie. Past jobs include pink lady at Agent Provocateur and assistant at a sex shop. My current job? Burlesque performer/pin-up model/office worker...

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of a life of glitz and glamour (and no, I don't mean the page 3 kind). In my dreams I would be doused in diamonds, draped in silk gowns and never seen in public without a pair of satin gloves and a stunning millinery creation.

Now in my mid-twenties I still dream of that glamorous lifestyle, but have come to accept that my childlike views of glamour and beauty were to say the least, a little unrealistic!

As a burlesque performer, I am often asked whether my evenings are spent lounging around in maribou babydolls, sipping champagne and answering love letters. Of course, I always say yes! But any burlesque performer will know, that the pursuit of a glamorous lifestyle is far removed from that in the movies! Bruising from tight-laced corsets, chafing from tassels, glitter in places you didn't even know existed, fingers covered in cuts from sewing fringing onto underwear late into the night and glue gun burns... These are just some of the side-effects left out of the movies and books!

Of course, it's not all bruises and glue gun burns. As a burlesque performer I am privilege to an underground world of creativity and often eccentricity. I have performed alongside some truly talented individuals and have met some of the friendliest, nicest people along the way. On top of that, I love not knowing exactly what my weekends will bring. For the most part I find myself performing at various burlesque and cabaret events around the country, from relatively small & cosy shows to larger scale theatre productions and music festivals. On the other hand, every so often I can be seen standing scantily clad outside shops handing out flyers on a breezy day, or perhaps as a Bettie Page walkabout, inappropriately attired at a family event! What ever the burlesque world throws my way I enjoy every minute of it as I know that when I'm sat at my desk on a Monday morning ready for another mundane week in the office, I can smile a cheeky knowing smile – the guy sitting next to me doesn't have a clue what I did on my weekend!

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