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Do Overbust Corsets Cinch the Waist?

If you think about it, this is an excellent question. Those of us who have perused corests online have probably noticed that only underbust corsets are referred to as "cinchers", so does that mean that overbusts don't cinch the waist?

Not at all! Steel boned or waist trianing overbusts definitely do cinch the waist. Just like an underbust or a "cincher", a steel boned overbust will provide a waist reduction of 4" to 5" and a waist training overbust will provide a 6" to 7" reduction.

"Cincher" or "waist cinching underbust" is simply a term that has been designated to corsets that do not cover the bust.

Much like a steel boned corset can be used for waist training, but isn't called a "waist trainer", overbusts will cinch the waist but aren't referred to as "cinchers".

At the end of the day, neither style is better or more "effective" at cinching the waist and it all comes down to personal tastes and how/where you intend on wearing your corset.

Happy cinching!

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