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Valentine's Outfits Day 6 - Cocktails with Friends

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Cocktails with Friends

An evening out is the recipe for great conversation and laughs. It starts with having a great look that makes you feel your best. No matter what type of bar or pub you choose for the evening, you can dress up or down your corset to match. You want an aura of mystery and fun that corsets can offer. This red and black brocade corded corset is paired with black skinny jeans, a versatile black bolero jacket and sequined heels.


*Hint: Check before you go out that your lower body can move freely sitting and standing. If you are going to be in an establishment where you might be sitting, ensure your clothes don’t gap when you sit and that you can actually sit down. I recommend keeping the laces on the lower half of your corset a bit looser to ensure movement and a little flexibility. You don’t always need to tight-lace to look beautiful.

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- Daisy

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