Same Day Shipping from New Jersey!

Same Day Shipping from New Jersey!


Little Britain may be a bit out of fashion now, but we have to admit that we do still have a bit of a soft spot for the character Bubbles DeVere, not so much for her somewhat gregarious view to nudity, but mainly for her delightfully decadent exclamations of ‘Champagne for everyone dahling’! And just as Bubbles wanted to share her love of Champagne with everyone, so do we want to share our love of corsets! As we believe that there really is a ‘corset for everyone dahling’!

Whatever your body shape, your style, your budget or your occasion, we are confident that there is a perfect corset out there to make you both look and feel fabulous:

Body Types

If you have an Athletic Figure then a good corset will give you curves where you never had them before and can boost your bust fantastically.

For the more Voluptuous amongst us, then corset will help transform an Apple Shape into a curvy hourglass by pulling in your waist and smoothing the curve out down to your hips. A Waist Training Corset will give you the most definition, but remember we do not recommend wearing these for long periods of time or to create permanent figure alterations.

If you have a classic Pear Shaped figure then a corset will help turn you from an orchard fruit to Marilyn Monroe in the time it takes to do up your laces (your corset laces that is!). Also if you are a little more hips than bust, a corset can seem to magically add cup sixes where there were no cup sizes before!


If you are a Confident & Out There kind of girl then a corset is the perfect addition to any outfit. Team it with fishnets or seamed stockings and a mini tutu skirt to really knock ‘em dead on any night out or special occasion.

For those who aren’t exactly wallflowers but Don’t Want to Flaunt it then simply pair your corset with sheer hosiery and a pencil skirt and then add a little more coverage up top with a bolero or shrug and a statement necklace.

If you love the look or a corset but Don’t Dare to Bear then a black corset (especially an underbust style) looks elegant and classy over a crisp white shirt, teamed with slim fitting trousers and killer heels.


If you’re looking a corset but Without the Price Tag then why not check out our range of Fashion Corsets? They are generally either unboned or feature plastic bones which reduce the cost, you may not get quite as mush shape definition, but you’ll still look fantastic.

A Steel Boned Corset is a great option if you want Quality without the Larger Budget, they will give you amazing definition and the steel bones are fantastic quality.

For the Rockefeller’s out there then head straight for out Luxury Corsets – they are made of the finest fabrics and have the highest quality steel boning, thoroughly fit for a princess!

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