Same Day Shipping from New Jersey!

Same Day Shipping from New Jersey!

Corsets: A Great Confidence Booster

These days we seem to be continually bombarded by images of so-called ‘beautiful’ people, who all seem to have perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect makeup, an amazing wardrobe and a ‘figure to die for’ and there seems to be a related and increasing trend in people feeling more and more negative about their own wonderful real selves as a result.

Well what if, just like the rest of us, you don’t have a personal trainer, chef, stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist, and your holiday snaps are of you actually looking happy on the beach rather than airbrushed and posing?! Should you obsess about your weight and spend a fortune on expensive beauty products and crazy treatments? Or should you go for a simple healthy lifestyle and find a fantastic item of clothing that makes you both look and feel fantastic?

A great corset can not only sculpt your waist and boost your bust, but we can almost guarantee that you are going to end up feeling as amazing as you look!

Here at True Corset we have an amazing range of corsets, from which we’re sure you’ll find your perfect one. Simply have a look at our handy corset measuring guide to make sure that you find your perfect fit and then have a think about the type of corset you would like:

Fashion Corsets

These are either un-boned or feature plastic bones and so will give you a gentle support and the most comfortable wear – ideal if you’re looking to feel fabulous on a budget.

Steel Boned Corsets

The high quality steel bones in our corsets ensure that you will get a fantastic level of support and shaping from your corset and are designed for everyday wear. Choose from either an Underbust Corset (looks fantastic over a crisp white shirt for work) or an Overbust Corset (wear it on its own or glam it up with some serious jewellery) and you’ll feel a million dollars in no time!

Waist Training Corsets

For the serious corset wearers out there, choose from our range of Waist Training Corsets and reduce the size of your waist by up to 7 inches! Although not designed for long term wear (remember we’re all about feeling fantastic, not suffering for vanity!) these corsets will have you feeling like an old school Hollywood screen siren in no time. The Underbust styles look absurdly sexy when teamed with a contrasting bra and matching frilly knickers, or simply worn under your clothes to give you that confidence inspiring hourglass figure. Or go all out and wear the one of our Overbust styles for a night out or special occasion and really knock ‘em dead!

Whichever of our gorgeous range of corsets you choose, we know that you’ll end up feeling like the goddess you are.