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Same Day Shipping from New Jersey!

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Corset for St Patrick's Day

You might think St Patrick's Day is simply a good excuse for drinking too much Guiness and celebrating all the cliches surrounding Irish culture - and right now here at True Corset, we're not going to tell you differently!

Dressing up for St Patrick's Day is an age old tradition and many people out there are turning to corsets for St Patrick Day to make the day that bit more special!

Weather you're looking for the classic green corset for St Patrick's Day, or maybe something that's that bit more bustier for old Paddy's fun, you can rest assured here at True Corset we have the corset for you!

And it doesn't have to be the bright Disney green, take a look at this more classy Shadow Striped Green Corset demonstrated below:

Green Corset for St Patrick's Day

Choose the above as you St Patrick's Day corset and make St Paddy's extra special this year.