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Christina's Corset - 18 April 2012

Earlier today I spotted various rather upsetting articles about Christina Aguilera and her appearance in a corset on The Voice.

It would appear that Christina has put on a little weight, which is perfectly normal. A woman, throughout her lifetime, will gain weight and lose weight depending on various factors.

Christina has a young child and has recently split from her husband, so little bit of weight gain is perfectly normal. In fact I think she looks great, more like a real woman.

The part I find shocking is the negative reaction from the tabloid press. Some of the articles are plain and simple, cruel. Can't a women show her curves without needlessly cruel comments following?

It is time to stop accepting this from our tabloid press and make it clear that curves are what real women have!

Some commentators were more generous and said she looked great, but had chosen an unflattering corset.

I hope Christina hangs in there and ignores the needless barbs. And next time, if she need a more flattering corset, we'd love to help.


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