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Same Day Shipping from New Jersey!

Plus Size Corsets

Can Men Wear Corsets?

Very few questions regarding corsets come with a simple "yes/no" answer...except for this one! Yes, absolutely, of course men can wear corsets!

If we take a moment to think about the design of a corset's closure, I suppose it could be argued that corsets today are designed with the female form in mind. Much like with a button down shirt, where on a woman's model the buttons will go down the left and the button holes down the right, so it is with a busk front closure: steel buttons down the left and steel hooks down the right.

But so what? With classic styles such as our Steel Boned Tafetta Black Cincher Corset, which features a nice straight lined bottom and top, you could simply flip it upside down and voila! It will now close same as a men's shirt would with the hooks going down the left and buttons down the right.

And besides the fact that men are also free to enjoy an hourglass silhouette if that's what they're after, corsets are also wonderful for providing excellent back support, improved posture and tummy control.

Happy lacing, girls AND boys! x

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