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Body Modification

I've recently been asked if corsets constitute body modification and so I've put together this little entry on the subject, because want/don't want, the phrase "body modification" always sounds so extreme...but let's put that silly idea to rest, shall we?

If you type in "body modification" into your browser's search bar, you will most likely come up with more extreme versions of, such as piercing, tattooing, etc.

But what exactly constitutes "body modification"? Well, if we type in "definition of body modification" into Google, then we get this "In the simplest terms, “body modification” means to deliberately alter one's physical appearance, though people usually assume the phrase applies only to such practices as tattooing and piercing or the more esoteric [...]"

So forgetting the extreme end of the meaning, the answer as to whether or not corsets fall into a form of body modification, the simple answer is yes indeed they do! But then, so does exercise, dieting, pulling on a pair of control top undies, applying make-up, dying one's hair, etc.

The stigma attached to the phrase "body modification" needs to go! Last I checked, a little bit of lipstick, a mean pair of heels and a gorgeous corset to enhance one's physical appearance was not a bad thing ;)

Happy lacing!

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