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With the holidays fast approaching, many of us have got plans to spend some quality time with friends and family or just to treat ourselves to some much deserved time off. This can sometimes involve catching a flight to where ever it happens to be that you're going.

But what if you waist train? What are some of the things you can expect from airport security when wearing your corset? Are you even allowed to wear a corset when going on a flight?

1. Yes, you are allowed to wear a corset when going through airport security

There is no rule or law preventing you from wearing your corset when going through the airport security system. For goodness sake, some people wear their corsets because they require to for back support/posture reasons! So, although you will most likely have the TSA officer/security personnel inquire about it, you won't be held back and taken to one of those scary little rooms and interrogated for hours and risk missing your flight.

2. No, you won't set off *alarms* due to the steel bones in your corset

Well, you will most likely set off a mild beeping noise, but most people are scared of setting off some sort of move-style fire-engine loud siren...its not like that at all.

When you go through the metal detector, you will most likely be stopped because they will receive a sign that you do indeed have some sort of metal on your person and they will ask you questions. But once you confirm to them that you are wearing a corset (and you may have to lift your top a touch to show them the corset), they will 99% of the time let you straight through. The other 1% of the time, they may choose to ask you to remove it.

If you are concerned about having them ask you to remove your corset and you wear yours for medical purposes (e.g. spinal support), then be sure to bring a doctor's note with you, so that you can keep it on.

So overall, there isn't really anything to worry about if you choose to wear your corset when catching a flight. Yes, it may involve having to answer a couple of questions and if that's something you'd rather avoid, then obviously don't wear it for the flight. If the thought of explaining what you've got on under your clothes doesn't bother you or make you uncomfortable in any way, then feel free to wear it.

Happy lacing!

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