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Valentine's Outfits Day 1 - A Night Out Dancing

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A Night Out Dancing

The Red Floral Corset Dress is perfect for a night out with your sweetheart dancing. Its light, flirty and romantic with its full circle skirt and feminine lines. Here I paired it with a red petticoat, some sexy black heels and side-swept hair for a wearable “Rockabilly” look.


*Hint: make sure when you are performing any activity that you avoid slippage. After you put your corset on, look in a mirror and raise your arms above your head and confirm that there are no visible choice bits. If you do find this to be an issue (happens to me) invest in some wardrobe tape or fashion tape and use a small piece on the front of your corset just above your highest point in the bust line. This should help to keep the ladies under wraps.

Click here: Red Floral Corset Dress


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