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Plus Size Corsets

A Great Corset – A Burlesque Essential

Whether you choose your gorgeous new corset to be worn under jacket and teamed with flowing linen trousers and killer heels, or if it’s an underbust corset worn over a crisp white shirt, or it’s part of an eye opening outfit for a great night out, or if it’s strictly for the boudoir; there’s no denying that a great corset is a great asset. And this is true no more so than for the variety of burlesque performers for whom the past few years have seen a serious resurgence in popularity.Before we go any further we would like to stress the difference between stripping and burlesque. Whereas traditional stripping/lap dancing is about a lot of close personal contact with clients and the maximum amount of time baring whatever is to be bared, burlesque is all about the art of tantalisation – and a serious hourglass figure enhancing corset woven from the most luxurious of fabrics is a must have for any burlesque performer or amateur.

When did burlesque become popular?

The popularity of burlesque surged in the Victorian era when it was a massively successful form of entertainment for those with little money. These classic burlesque shows made fun of social class, operas and politicians and it was only in the 1930’s and 1940’s that the more risqué elements were added to draw in larger audiences. Today burlesque is all about celebrating beauty (rarely in burlesque will you see a permatanned blond with plastic hair and plastic you know what else!) and creating a visually stunning show that titillates as well as entertains. Burlesque is for everyone (over 18!) male, female, gay, straight and everything in between and aims to provide a different source of entertainment for anyone who wants to see something beautiful – and definitely not sleazy.

As such the costumes in burlesque are of tantamount importance and a gorgeous corset is often the centrepiece around which many burlesque outfits are designed. Even if you’re not a professional burlesquer performer many of the essential themes and accessories of a classic burlesque outfit can be added to any outfit to give it a sexy, yet tasteful edge.

A real burlesque flavour can be created starting with a wonderfully flattering burlesque corset (we love anything in a steel boned waist cincher – apparently Dita von Teese (one of our burlesque heroines) has a corseted waist measurement of 16”!) and then add anything from our range of tutus, frilly knickers, stockings, boleros to create a seriously beautiful burlesque look – all centred around your gorgeous burlesque style corset.

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